Roof Waterproofing Systems

When you’ve got a leak in your commercial operation roof, you have got a mess. PremiumCoat is one of the highest quality roofing and waterproofing systems available. This flexible, U.V. resistant elastomeric compound is fully reinforced with a tough nonwoven polyester fabric designed for all roofing and flashing applications. PremiumCoat® is safe to handle and requires no special equipment to install. It provides a long lasting, energy efficient surface that when properly installed by a certified applicator provides a 10-year warranty. When managed through a proper maintenance schedule, the warranty can be extended every 10 years

hydrostop roofing waterproof repairHydrostop Roofing products were focused on manufacturing only waterborne products that provide superior waterproofing solutions for the entire building envelope.With a commitment to hands-on service, the Hydrostop product line has a long history of working side by side with contractors. This hands-on approach is still evident in strong field service and as part of an integral commitment to customer service.

The Hydrostop product line represents a family of products that provide tested, trusted solutions that architects, building owners and contractors turn to for all their roofing and waterproofing project needs.Hydrostop delivers sustainable roofing and waterproofing solutions that won’t come out of warranty until you tear the building down. Install a Hydrostop roof system, and simply maintain roof surface and recoat as needed to extend the warranty – literally for the life of the building.


Roof Waterproofing and Other Commercial Roofing Services

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