Kitchen and Bathroom Whole Home Remodels

The main thing to keep in mind when remodeling or restoring a component of your home is to think about the long term consequences of the choices you make. How will what you want to do affect the resale value of your home? And do you have an overall plan for your entire house if you are only starting with say a bathroom? You want to have some continuity throughout and it is a good idea to think about the big picture even if you are just starting with a small bathroom. What you do to that bathroom should dictate what you do to the rest of your home as you remodel it. Say you want to change the door hardware from the Donald trump gold you have now to something else like Brushed Nickel.


Kitchen Remodels…

Kitchen remodeling is a great way to add functionality and style to the most popular room of the house.   May’s Contracting has the expertise to make your kitchen a comfortable gathering place that is fully equipped with state-of-the-art appliances and beautifully crafted furnishings.We want to help you create a beautiful, functional space that reflects your style and your personality.Here is how we do it…First we schedule an appointment with you to come and see “first hand” the space available in your home.   This visit gives us the ability to understand the structural conditions, examine the existing materials and review the mechanical parameters that relate to your project.   Design details and the overall aesthetics are discussed along with the selection of cabinetry, countertops and appliances, plumbing fixtures, tile, lighting, colors and other material selections, which relate to your project.   Construction limitations are discussed, measurements are taken and any architectural plans are reviewed.   Preliminary design ideas are discussed, appliance preferences are reviewed and you will establish a targeted budget so that we will be able to assemble a preliminary estimate that fits these criteria.At our second meeting, we will review the detailed estimate we have prepared for you and we will show you the wide range of materials that are available for your project.  We will address any questions that you may have regarding our products and services and discuss any options that may impact the projected cost of your job.The next step is to begin finalizing a design concept that will best fit your kitchen remodeling goals.   We’ll provide you with detailed drawings of your potential dream kitchen, in addition to a list of materials and a final quote. Upon final approval, your project will be scheduled for installation and all aspects of material ordering, deliveries and the coordination of all tradesmen will be maintained by Mays Contracting.   During the installation we will be in constant communication with you so that you are informed about all aspects of the project.   As always our experienced craftsmen will work diligently to maintain the quality that our customers have grown to expect from us and we continually strive to meet or beat your projected completion date.Here’s an additional resource for your thought process:

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With the help of a bath designer, revamp your bland bathroom with a walk-in shower stall, multiple bath sinks and new bathroom cabinets.

Home Construction Repairs

When it comes to efficiency and conservation there can be no better solution than to use the resources and materials that you already have.  Therefore when a home or component of a home is “broken”  we feel it is always best to look for solutions to repair or restore the component rather than tearing it apart and rebuilding it completely. If you have any issues with your home you can be assured that if Mays Construction is overlooking the operations and well being of your home that things will be taken care of.

At Mays Contacting, we can typically handle most any household repair. And when there is something over our heads we can absolutely oversee and employ the proper professional to get it right.
· Emergency Home Repairs
· Drywall
· Painting
· Electrical
· Cabinetry
· Furniture
· Appliances
· Computer networks
· Audio video
· Structural
· Siding
· Decks
· Water and Snow damage repairs

If you have a question about anything, contact us!  We will give you a quick and honest assessment of the job and tell you the best way to handle it.